Nori Castillo Demo Day

SkyDeck’s inaugural Demo Day on Thursday, May 21st was a standing-room-simply event, with 125 members and 70 theorists in the social affair of individuals. We are massively happy for our gatherings, who made a surprising appearing as to presenting. The SkyTeams demonstrated the high bore of new organizations beginning from UC Berkeley, and precisely how certified the University is tied in with empowering a strong domain for representatives.

The numbers:

70 Investors

125 Total Attendees

22 Teams pitching

15 Volunteers

289 PowerPoint slides

Members from grounds included Rich Lyons, SkyDeck Board of Directors and Dean of the Business School. Also going to were our SkyDeck Industry Partners, Analog Devices and Ericsson.

The immense wine served at the social event was given by SkyAdvisor Leigh Teece. Our SkyTeam volunteers made an unbelievable appearing with respect to of welcome and coordinating our guests.

Thankful to Bee Partners for their sponsorship of the event and for Managing Partner Michael Berolzheimer’s astonishing Emcee’ing.

In addition, to the exclusion of everything else, congratulations to the Teams for hitting their presentations out of the amusement focus. They were rockstars.

Our next Demo Day will be on November 12, 2015.


Nori Castillo Berkeley